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What is DSM?

DSM is a chemical company

The Dutch DSM is an international chemical company that has its origins from the Dutch state mines (the abbreviation comes from Dutch state mines, but this is actually no longer used). DSM has offices all over the world, and has its head office in Heerlen. DSM was founded in early 1900 for the exploitation of coal reserves in Limburg, and later on the production of ammonia and fertilizer (both on the basis of by-products that were released when coal was taken). At the beginning of the years 60, the cost of its own coal was higher than the price of imported coal, and gas was discovered in Slochteren. The government then decided to close the coal mines, this process lasted until 1973, and then it was decided to continue as DSM. Since then DSM has gone further in the chemical industry, and has later focused more on end products such as plastics and fine chemicals. In 2007 it was decided not to do any bulk chemistry anymore, and since then the company has been engaged in the food industry, the health sector, the automotive industry, paint and construction.

The DSM Story [YouTube] 89FF588FC5C32E43 [/youtube]

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