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What is a Banga-list?

A Banga list is a list

The term Banga list has come to an end but 2012, when the media reported this new youth phenomenon. Young people who send by e-mail and social media lists to each other where the names of girls are that are easy to poke for sex. It often does not remain with a list of names, often also an additional description is added of how ' easy ' the girl in question is. Often these lists are not based on truth, but are made up by a couple of advanced boys. Many schools and girls have now made a declaration of defamation against the creators of these Banga lists. Banga is originally Surinamese, but it can also come from the English ' to bang '. The distribution of a Banga list is punishable (because you can't just touch someone's good name or honour).

My mind-Banga lists [YouTube] ZH4WYHTCDCG [/youtube]

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