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What is a drone?

A drone is an unmanned aircraft

A drone, UAV (Unmanned aerial Vehicle) is an aircraft without a pilot on board. Under the name drone, devices that are controlled remotely, but also devices that are programmed to perform certain operations. Many drones are deployed for military purposes, but nowadays it also puts police and other parts of government drones. The goal is often the detection of smugglers or other criminals. Drones can stay in the air for 2 days, other types can stay in the air for only 30 minutes. Many specifications are secret, but usually there are audio and video connections to a control center. A drone is often an espionage device that also has infrared cameras, and in an electrically controlled drone the drone is also quiet. Overall there are 5 types of drones:

  • Flying drones (often used to get a detailed picture of a situation);
  • Kamikaze drones (aims to make something explode);
  • Large height drones (filming at high altitude to map a large area);
  • Chase drones (meant to follow moving targets);
  • Touchdown Monitor drones (Install video cameras and/or sound equipment)

Lately the drones have come into the media because they are deployed against terrorists and to spy on people often violating privacy. Drones can also be useful when used for research, think of climate research, research on volcanoes, or to protect animals from poachers.

Specialist in drone area

A fan flies with his DJI Phantom FC40 Drone [YouTube] XL24rLxmBtY [/youtube]

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