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What is a Furby?

A Furby is toys

The Furby is an electronic (plush) toy product that was launched at the end of 1998 by Tiger Electronics. The fantasy animal is a kind of cross between a hamster, a cat and an owl. A Furby can talk and in belly and mouth are sensors that respond to touch. The name probably comes from Fur-Ball (the nickname of the prototype). In a very short time the Furby became very popular and it was the most wanted toy product. The starting price was about $30, but due to the big demand the price increased to 100 dollars. In a year's time, 27 million Furby's were sold. The reason for success was the intelligence and learning ability of the Furby's. The first words of a Furby was always in the Furbish (a language with short words, and other sounds). As the Furby became older, it was able to talk more and more English. Via Infra-red, the Furby could communicate with another Furby and exchanged words with each other. The rage disappeared quickly and the 2nd generation in 2005 did not hit. The Furby is now in the 3rd generation. This Furby develops its own personality, has different sensors, LED eyes with more than 100 expressions, speaks more than 1000 Dutch phrases and is of course available in various colors and has a super soft coat. With the app on your phone you can communicate with the Furby.

Furby gets a reboot for 2012 [YouTube] GwKw6SGqRpI [/youtube]

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