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What is an Easter fire?

Easter Fire is a great fire with Easter

In many areas of Europe, Easter fires are lit on 1st or 2nd Easter. The lighting of an Easter fire is an old use that came under pressure at the end of the 20th century by strict environmental regulations. In many municipalities, the rules allowed only pruning wood to be placed on the Paasvuur hump. In the Netherlands, Easter fires are mainly ignited in the eastern regions. Twente is best known for its Easter fires because many villages have their own Easter fire in this area. Making an Easter fire is a village activity: Many people are working for weeks (and sometimes months) to collect a lot of wood and make an Easter fire. Often money: the higher the better. Ignition of the fire always draws a lot of attention from the whole region.

Images of the Easter fire

Construction Easter Fire has started [YouTube] H7mdabVVZ-4 [/youtube]

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