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What is Finbox?

Finbox is an online financial mailbox

Finbox is an initiative of several banks (ING, Rabobank, ABN AMRO) where you can receive financial mail in the digital mailbox. In this case you should think of salary slips, insurance policies, municipal attacks, etc. Every document you receive via FiNBOX is kept for 7 years by the organization that sent it and remains accessible. Within Internet banking, you can also receive and store accounts and accept Giro's. The FiNBOX provides more convenience and overview, because for example you don't have to type in accept Giro's. The organisations that are affiliated with FiNBOX have already completed all known information. Before FiNBOX was online, there were several different systems in which little use was made of the different banks. The banks hope that this joint action will change more people.

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