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What is the fairytale forest?

The fairytale forest is an attraction in the Efteling

The fairytale forest is a route in a forest that leads you through all sorts of fairy tales. Along the paths are mushrooms that play music. The fairytale forest started in 1952. The forest is six hectares in size and contains characters from the fairytale books of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and Charles-Pacific, every now and then new fairy tales are added to the forest. The route currently takes you along 27 fairy tales with a.o.: Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, the six servants (long neck), the wolf and the Seven goats, the flying fakir, Snow White, Cinderella, Klein thumb and Hansel and Grietje.

Fairytale forest in the Efteling (part1) [YouTube] dHRnPT2-MYA [/youtube]

Fairytale forest in the Efteling (part2) [YouTube] kOZFsOFx8n0 [/youtube]

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