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What is Jelly?

Jelly is an answer app

Jelly is a crowdsourcing app: With the app you can ask a question and your friends and other people can then give the answer. Jelly is available on both IOS and Android and the idea comes from Biz Stone (the founder of Twitter) The idea is that information is not the same as knowledge. An algorithm (search engine) can answer your question, but it is the answer you are looking for. Having a person (and better still, your friends or friends) answering the question makes the answer much more relevant. With the application you can take a picture, and give some quick sketches and pass it as a question. In practice you can make a picture of the skyline of Utrecht and draw a circle around the Duomo and ask what it is. That works better and is clearer than the question: what is that tower in Utrecht what looks like a church? View more information or download the app from the Jelly website.

Introducing Jelly

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