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What Is Mothers Day?

Mothers Day is a mother-pamper

Mother's Day is celebrated to put the mothers in the sun and to pamper them. In many countries mother's Day is on the 2nd Sunday in May, but there are also countries that do it on the last Sunday in May, or 3 Sundays before Easter. Often the mother of the family gets on that Sunday breakfast in bed and a small gift. Children have made some fun at school or the nursery, and during the day they are responsible (together with father) to take on all household chores. Nowadays it is also more and more a gift give day and there the different shops play conveniently on in. Children do not have to perform any more tasks, but it is limited to breakfast in bed and the homemade gift. The fathers must be well prepared and have bought a gift on time. On this day, grandmas are often visited too. The first coming mothers days are: 12 May 2013, 11 May 2014, 10 May 2015, 8 May 2016. Still looking for a suitable gift? Visit the website to buy your gift Online and order the ideal Mother's Day gift.

The Cutest Mothers Day gifts

Mother's Day atmosphere impression

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