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What is roti?

Roti is a kind of pancake

Roti is an Indian type of bread and is a common name for all forms of bread (in large parts of India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan). Roti is then a (Unrisen) flat bread, like the Indian naan. In The Netherlands we know roti mainly as a Surinamese dish: a kind of pancake, served with potatoes, a boiled egg, kipkerrie and Garter. Roti eats you with your hands: one rips a piece of roti, and you use it to pick up meat and vegetables. The side dishes of the roti (the Meat, the Garter) are usually seasoned with masala, a mixture of ground spices (it seems a bit like curry).

Surinamese Roti [YouTube] ODNX6c6jQEA [/youtube]

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