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What is Sint Maarten?

Sint Maarten is a light feast

On November 11th it is St. Maarten (also called Sinter Mackay, Sinte-Mette, Sint-Martinus or St. Maarten). It is the name day of Martinus van Tours, who was born in the year 316. This knight saw on a cold winter day a man without a coat in the snow, he helped the man by half of his clothes to give the man. By this legend, giving things is connected to St. Maarten. The celebration of the feast is different by region, in some areas it is not celebrated, in some it is celebrated as replacement of the Sinterklaas feast and in other regions an intermediate form is celebrated. It is a light feast because children with (homemade) lanterns go down the street, and at the houses belly and St Maarten sing songs. As a thank you the children get sweets or fruit. The pop of the houses and the getting of sweets is also often the link with Halloween.

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