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What is Sudoku?

Sudoku is a (Japanese) Figure game

The figure game was designed by Howard Garns and was first published in 1979 (then called Number Place). In the early years of 80, it was introduced in Japan under the name Sudoku. At the end of the years 90, Wayne Gould started working on it and created a computer program to prepare the Sudoku's. This program was sold to the Times and that was started in November 2004 to publish the puzzles. Since then, it has become a global craze, with many newspapers publishing a Sudoku puzzle every day. A Sudoku puzzle consists of 9 by 9 squares with a small number of completed digits. The challenge is to fill the empty squares: each horizontal line and each vertical column, the digits 1 to 9 can only be 1 time. In addition, the Sudoku puzzle is divided into nine cubes of 3 by 3 (which also have to contain the digits 1 to 9 once again). In the meantime there are several ' Sudoku solvers ' (JavaScript, SQL, Google Goggles, etc.).

Sudoku Images

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