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What is SUPpen?

SUP means Stand Up paddle

SUPpen is so it stand on a surfboard and you then propel it with a paddle. It arose because surf teachers were on their board and with a paddle propelled to go to the pupils. Because it is a sport that does not need to be done at sea, it is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands: We have enough rivers, canals and ditches to suppen. The sport owes its popularity to the fact that almost everyone can do it and you don't need it much: a large board, a paddle and some water is all you need. Your whole body is on the move during this sport: you paddle with your torso and move through your legs the power to get to the shelf. Meanwhile, you are tired of keeping yourself balanced otherwise you fall off the shelf. You can do it quietly on the canals, but can also find some more adventure on the sea and catch some waves.

Stand Up Paddling-How To paddle Straight [YouTube] AS9qME7OsTU [/youtube]

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