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What is Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app

Tinder is an app for your mobile, where you can easily get in touch with suitable dates from your environment. You link to your Facebook account (Tinder does not write anything on your timeline) and then you will see the profiles of people who are a possible match. Tinder does this based on the shared (Facebook) interests and what you have indicated that you are looking for. You can either like the profile picture of someone or not. And if the person you like also does the same thing to you you have a match and you can start chatting. Many people think that Tinder is mainly about the fast (sex) date but it turns out that most people still use it to get in touch and just start with a normal date. Many people also use Tinder to simply see how they themselves are in the market, not to start a real date but just to know if they are still attractive (the search for confirmation).

Tinder: It starts Here

Tinder-#ItStartsHere from Tinder on Vimeo.

The Meat team: Tinder (Carnival 2014) [YouTube] 3jJH8rCJD9E [/youtube]<p>

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