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What is thrombosis?

Thrombosis is a blood clot

The human system of blood tolls is made to prevent blood loss in injuries. When this system enters into force without a bleeding, there is a blood clot in the blood vessel. Thrombosis can occur if the blood vessels on the inside are not smooth anymore, when there is an irregular blood flow or an altered composition of the blood. If a piece of clot dislodging of the vascular wall and is carried with the blood stream, this can be held in a vein, called Embolism. People who suffer from thrombosis use of coumarins (anticoagulants), to prevent blood flow from being obstructed. Thrombosis can occur in any vein or artery, because blood cannot flow properly the body part becomes thick and painful.

Thrombosis-Symptoms and treatment [YouTube] SHUSZUPQWCW [/youtube]

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