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What is Webcare?

Webcare is online customer service

A Webcare team is working online to keep the client's reputation high. Socialmedia is monitored and negative messages are treated as quickly as possible so people can send happy messages about the company in the world. In addition, by deploying a Webcare team, you get a better insight into the use of a product and the image that lives on a product or company. Due to the rise of Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and forums it is becoming easier to complain about something, to keep this negative news Limited can intervene a Webcare team and ensure that no more people take over this negative image. The complainant or the person who posts a message feels taken seriously when a member of the Webcare team contacts, and is often quicker than a normal customer service contact. Webcare is not always about negative messages, a Webcare team can also interfere in a discussion about a product which can also be positive, or can provide information about prices, appearance dates, etc.

The days 2011: webcare [YouTube] La6gyuZ9mfc [/youtube]

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