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What You Shouldn’t Be Doing with Your Website’s Design

Business owners nowadays have expressed their interest in having a website. As a result, the web design industry continues to flourish. With that, however, comes the challenge of creating the best design that pleases the eyes of visitors and the search engines.

As effortless as it may look, website design is a lot harder than it seems. One wrong move could lead to the downfall of the project. Unfortunately, web design is a task that is prone to mistakes. Sometimes, even the experts aren’t safe from these slip-ups. Here’s a list to keep you from doing the same mistakes:

Going for Non-Responsive Designs

With the continuous shift on browsing behavior, web design needs to keep up with them. Because of this, responsiveness is something that must be taken into consideration. As of today, this has become a valuable element to any website.

Most developers tend to skip through this characteristic because clients often focus on the aesthetic value of the website. That’s why before creation, it’s important to take note of it. Prior to starting any project, be sure to come up with a solid design that has a responsive layout.

Using Drop-Down Menus

With mobile users dominating the visits on most websites, it only makes sense to create a design that will cater to them. Aside from responsiveness, usability is something you must pay attention to. Designing a website that is easy to navigate can help you stand out. This is why you have to ensure that the website is structured in such a way that people can easily see what they’re looking for.

The trend of the drop-down menu has been long gone. Today, the navigation bar is the new hip. If you look at the providers of professional web design services in Northampton and other areas, you’ll see that they’re also following this trend. This is because this layout promotes better visibility and more convenient navigation.

Having Text or Image Heavy Website

There’s a saying that goes, “too much of everything can be bad.” This exact principle also applies to web design. Sticking with text or images is bad because it can either bore the visitors or may impact on loading speed. When it comes to web layout, it’s always recommended to combine a little bit of everything. Videos, images, podcasts, text and etc. you can experiment with those. Just make sure not to overdo it.

Another reminder, when you upload videos on a website, be sure to turn off their autoplay function. This can be annoying to some people so to respect their own preference on this.

Using Tiny or Unreadable Font

Some may think it’s common sense, but there are still designers who forget about it. As far as aesthetics is concerned, having readable content would always score you higher. As advised, the standard body copy for the website should follow the 16 pixels. Anything less than that is unacceptable. So be sure to check this to provide a much better browsing experience to your visitors.

These are just some of the most common web design mistakes you should be aware of. Be sure to take note of these things to avoid falling short on the way your website looks and functions. When creating a site, it’s important that you double-check everything before publishing. It’s also a plus if you know the latest trends and updates. This way, you’ll prevent any errors or damage when you work on it.

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