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What does WNBA mean?

WNBA stands for Women’s National Basketball Association. It is a professional basketball league in the United States that consists of 12 teams, each representing a different city. The WNBA was founded in 1996 and is the premier women’s basketball league in the world.

The league operates similarly to the men’s NBA, with a regular season and playoffs culminating in a championship series. The WNBA season runs from May to September, with games being played in arenas across the United States. The league features many of the top women’s basketball players from around the world, including Olympic and World Cup champions.

The WNBA has helped to increase the visibility and popularity of women’s basketball, and has inspired many young girls to take up the sport. The league has also been a leader in promoting social justice and equality, with many players using their platform to advocate for important causes.

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