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What does SPDIF mean?

SPDIF means Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format

SPDIF is a default for passing a digital sound signal between different devices. You can compare it to a classic RCA plug, only SPDIF is digital (and fiber-based). The standard was developed in the years 80 by Sony and Philips as a transport standard for sound formats. The advent of the CD ensured that the desire arose to transmit as many signals as possible digitally. Almost all DVD players or AV receivers have an SPDIF connection. Read More

What does HTPC mean?

HTPC means Home Theatre Personal Computer

An HTPC is a computer equipped to play video footage and audio. An HTPC is usually used in a home-like atmosphere for displaying movies, it is a home cinema. You can tinker with a HTPC yourself, but you can also buy them ready for you. It is often a small and quiet device that has enough power to play movies. An HTPC offers a flexible system that can play more than just movies: with the right software and settings it can serve as a server, or download movies. Many HTPC systems use the free XBMC software.

What does Lipdub mean?

Lipdub is a combination of audio dubbing and lip sync

Lipdub is a craze especially among schoolchildren, and assumes that a clip is included in 1 take. In This clip the People playback A (known) song. The success of a lipdub is in the preparatory work. The original music is later added to the recording. A lipdub can last for 1 minute and be made by 2 people, but there are also involve where a whole office building, or a complete university and different spaces are used. A lipdub seems Read More