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What does Lipdub mean?

Lipdub is a combination of audio dubbing and lip sync

Lipdub is a craze especially among schoolchildren, and assumes that a clip is included in 1 take. In This clip the People playback A (known) song. The success of a lipdub is in the preparatory work. The original music is later added to the recording. A lipdub can last for 1 minute and be made by 2 people, but there are also involve where a whole office building, or a complete university and different spaces are used. A lipdub seems to have been conceived spontaneously, but a good lipdub has had the right preparation and planning, so everything looks as if it is spontaneous. Here An example of a lipdub, in honor of the opening of the new pavilion POPstudio in Sound and Vision in Hilversum [YouTube] D-9DXxCAtOI [/youtube]

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