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What is speedrun?

A speedrun is a type of video game playthrough where the player attempts to complete a game or level as quickly as possible, often using various strategies, glitches, and shortcuts to achieve the fastest time possible. Speedrunning can be done for any type of game, from classic arcade games to modern console titles, and has become a popular activity in the gaming community. Speedrunning often requires a deep understanding of game mechanics, level layouts, and enemy behavior, as well as a significant amount of practice and skill. Many speedrunners also compete against each other to see who can achieve the fastest time for a particular game or level.

Fiverr and the NFT market

Fiverr is a network of freelance people, stay-at-home moms (is this term still allowed in this day and age? probably not) and other people who have a specific skill or ability and some free time. You can find a lot of different services on the fiverr network. I myself have used it in the past to get myself a nice logo, business cards or just some random guy wishing a friend happy birthday in a short video.

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What is Screencast-O-Matic?

Screencast-O-Matic is a screen recording and video editing platform, taking visual collaboration to the next level. Screencast-O-Matic enables communication and empowers people to connect with it’s easy-to-use and accessible video tools.  With more than 9 million users worldwide, Screencast-O-Matic is a trusted brand in video creation.  The platform is used by Fortune 100 companies, educators, business professionals, and online content creators.

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What does IGTV mean?

IGTV means Insta gram Television

IGTV is actually an app of Insta that makes it possible to watch videos of 60 minutes. So it’s actually a kind of YouTube from the creators of Insta gram. You can also view the IGTV content via the normal Insta app. At the beginning there will be no ads to be seen within IGTV, this because there must first be a love for the platform, and then scare ads off soon of course. How that will be in the future is unclear, but the creators of the video will still want to be paid for their effort, so somewhere money will have to come today. Because everything is meant to be viewed on your phone, and because you usually have it in your hand, the videos will all be vertical (see also VVS). When you open the app, it immediately starts playing videos. And the video content is of course tuned to your Insta activity: So who you’re following or what type of content you’ve given the most hearts. Read More

What does VOD mean?

VOD means Video On Demand

Video on demand is in Dutch just video on request: It is actually a network service that allows the user to display a video at the moment he or she wants to. Often interactive television also offers a lot of video on demand. There are two types of video on demand to distinguish: the kind of downloading a video, and so you have to wait until the entire download is finished before you can watch and the kind you can watch the movie directly. Usually it is also possible to pause the video, flush it or stop the video and watch it again later. When you order a video via VOD you can usually watch the video for a limited time: you buy the right to watch for a limited time. Examples of VOD include MeJane and Netflix (though that's more Subscription video on demand: Unlimited video on Demand for a fixed price per month.