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Have the Perfect Wedding with These Planning Hacks

Planning the perfect wedding isn’t a walk in the park. It takes some effort to make the guest list, choose the best decorations, and book the best wedding video production company. You want to come up with the best seating chart to keep the guest comfortable.

In essence, you must sweat all the small details to throw the best party of your life. Planning the timeline of your big day might not be as glamorous, but it’s the key to it all. Mapping out your entire day is crucial to your success. It ensures that you get to enjoy your day without being stressed out.

Find An Officiant You Like

A wedding has so many moving parts that couples overlook the value of picking the right officiant. Now, this is one aspect of your wedding day that you shouldn’t compromise. Your choice of officiant can make or break your wedding day.

A thumb of rule is that you shouldn’t use an officiant because of their title. See, an officiant is someone who performs the wedding ceremony. They can be a religious figure or someone licensed in your state to lead and validate wedding ceremonies.

Officiant duties are simple – get the couple to exchange their vows and file the marriage license. That means you have more options when picking an officiant. If a church is not an integral part of your life, you can have a dear friend officiant the ceremony. They only need to register for an online ordination program, and they can do you the honors. Regardless of whom you pick to perform the ceremony, be sure to communicate your needs clearly.

Be Sure To Delegate

It can take northward of 200 hours to plan the perfect wedding, so it’s okay to ask for a bit of help. If asking for assistance makes you uncomfortable, remember, your friends are just as excited. They’ll likely jump at the opportunity to lend a helping hand. It’s only natural to want to plan everything by yourself, but family and friends are just as eager to help.

However, that doesn’t mean you delegate the entire to-do list. You simply want to reduce the amount of workload on your plate. Most importantly, delegating lets you enjoy the big day. You simply can’t afford to be running logistics during your wedding day.

Some tasks you can outsource to ensure a stress-free wedding day include:

Pick The Right Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is where your friends and family gather to celebrate your big day. But finding the perfect venue isn’t that easy, not with so many options to pick from. From an elegant ballroom to a stunning barn, a cozy restaurant, or a nice sunny stretch on the beach, you’re spoiled for choice.

It’s best to talk to your planner before you start exploring spaces. Planners have vast experience transforming spaces into an ideal wedding venue. They can advise you on the layout, capabilities of a given space, the time, and items you need. The planner will help you pick a venue that brings your vision to life.

Naturally, you want to pick a venue that aligns with your vision. For a modern wedding, your choices range from chic restaurants to art galleries. If you prefer a more natural feel, opt for outdoor spaces such as parks, ranches, and backyards.

Be sure to consider your guest list before picking a venue. Couples often underestimate how many people they wish to invite. Nailing the number from the get-go lets you size the venue just right. You want an adequate space that’ll seat your guests comfortably.

Lastly, you should keep your budget in mind. On top of renting the space, you need to budget for r decor, floral design, and setting up. Venues with in-house catering prefer charging per plate. Crunch the numbers and determine how much it’ll cost to execute the plan. Break down the budget into components so you can prioritize the spending. Be sure to price everything out so you can explore your options.

Planning the perfect wedding might be a labor of love, but the results are worth it. It worth going the extra mile to create a memorable experience for yourself and all your guests. Don’t hesitate to consult a professional if you’re unsure. Your family and friends too. They’re all invested in helping you make your big day beautiful and memorable. A beautiful wedding is all about creating gorgeous memories and you want to capture them all in pictures and videos.

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