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What is The Cloud?

The Cloud is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the most common name, often colloquially called the cloud. The Cloud has been brought to the attention of most people by the new works. The Cloud makes it possible for several people to work at home or on the go, no matter where a person is physically located. This is because many documents (and often also software) are available online somewhere, and no longer on the internal network at the company. Read More

What does HTTP mean?

HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol

The HTTP protocol is designed for transporting HTML files. It is used to get a page on the Internet from the Web server to the user (above you see if it is good also stand: Today's browsers take this for granted, and want http://to automatically filter out. The protocol determines which queries a client can make to the server, and which answers can be returned. In 1997, the HTTP standard jacked up to version 1.1. Read More

What does DVD-rip mean?

DVD Rip means copy of a DVD

Someone has thus stopped a DVD movie in his computer and converted the movie as 1 file into a certain video format (often XviD or DivX). This has the effect that your movie is only about 750MB large, and no more 4gb. Most people will not see/hear the quality loss. In The illegal circuit there is often a distinction between a cam version and a DVD-RIP.