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How The ‘Digital World’ Changed Our Lives Forever

We’re all well aware that technology has changed our lives in ways we can only imagine. And it keeps evolving every year. Some changes are pretty obvious, like smartphones and how social media took over our daily lives.
However, some changes are not easy to spot. Did you know that technology has affected us too much that it even transformed our ways of communication, entertainment expectations, and education? Let’s discuss how the digital world changed our lives.

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What is a Sprocket?

A Sprocket is a small printer

The Sprocket is a small HP photo printer that you can use with your smartphone or tablet. The Sprocket uses no ink (in the traditional way of liquid or powder on paper), it uses zinc technology (developed by Polaroid). Here you use special Zinc paper for: Paper that is coated with multiple layers of transparent dye. The dyes are activated in the printer with heat pulses from the thermal print head. So with the HP Sprocket you can always have your printer with you and actually print out your selfage: With the printer app and connection via Bluetooth you get the old fashioned Polaroid feeling back, and you can hand that beautiful picture directly to Grandpa or grandma Without a computer. Read More

What is screen time?

Screen time is the time behind a screen

Screen time is the time you spend watching a screen, whether it's a tablet, laptop, phone or television. The screen time is mainly something parents set up for their children: they don't want the child to sit behind one of these devices all day long and therefore set a time in which children are allowed to spend behind a screen. Children of this time do not know better, they grow up with the use of tablet, smartphone or television. And the digitization of life does not necessarily have to be bad, it can also be an educational development. There is of course a difference between playing games or watching a vlog and looking up information for a workpiece or speech. Many parents also make the difference between useful screen time and screen hang. Every child is of course different, so it is difficult to draw up guidelines that apply to every child, but it can certainly help to have clear agreements. For children under 8 years of age, the directive is about 1 hour per day, preferably distributed over several times. In children up to 12 years of age, it is usually about 2 hours of display time. Read More

What is a AppScooter?

A AppScooter is an electric scooter

The AppScooter is an electric scooter developed by Bolt Mobility, a startup from Delft. The boys behind Bolt Mobility describe it as the ' Tesla of the Scooter world '. The AppScooter is designed to a large extent by Bolt Mobility and with a range of 150 kilometers with 1 load, it not only leaves the normal gasoline driven scooters as well as the electric scooters far behind. The name AppScooter comes through the extensive collaboration with a smartphone, 4g module (with unlimited data), built-in software and also: it is a scooter that gets better as it gets hold. With a lot of investment money the first round of the scooters is already sold and you can now register on the 2nd round. The whole concept and design is conceived from the ground up, so it is not a normal scooter that is simply made smart and electric. The scooter itself has a touchscreen with large buttons where you can see information about the scooter as well as apps on your smartphone.

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What is Zopo?

ZOPO is a smartphone manufacturer

Zopo (or the parent company Zhuopu) is a company that deals with research, development, production and sales of smartphones. Zopo is the company that claimed to have been the first to have a 3d technology in which no glasses were required. After that, it became known and ZOPO got the image of an innovative smartphone manufacturer. Read More

What is an e-sim?

An e-sim is a built-in SIM card

An e-sim (also called embedded-SIM) is a SIM card that is built into a device (phone, tablet) and which is remotely programmable. This makes it easy to change the provider without having to change a SIM card. It is also possible to use one subscription over multiple devices: So 1 subscription You use for your smartwatch, your tablet, and your smartphone. And if you want a different subscription then you simply move on.

What does Fotobom mean?

Fotobom means ruining photos

Fotobom is the Dutch word for the English photobombs (ing). Due to the emergence of the smartphones, more and more pictures are coming and more people are taking pictures of themselves (selfies) but also a lot of posing for the photo. People who deliberately disrupt that kind of posed photos (by jumping in the picture at the right time) are at the photo bombs. Read More