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What is Eline?

We are a bicycle navigation system

The Eline is a navigation tool that you can easily place on the handlebars of your bike. The eline helps to find the way in an unknown city, but does not do this by navigating: it only shows what direction you should be on. So it is more of a compass and not a navigation system. So you don't have to expect to drive the fastest route, but you'll find yourself in all sorts of places in the city, you decide on your own route and you can see which way you should go. By using e-paper the eline will not use much power. The Eline is available from March 2017. Read More

What does PoE mean?

POE means Power over Ethernet

PoE is a technology to deliver voltage (and data) over a standard twisted pair cable in an Ethernet network. This technique is used to provide network equipment (think of webcams, switches, VoIP phones, etc.) with power. There is a limited power to a network cable, so for large consumers as a computer or server, PoE is not suitable. Read More

What does UPS mean?

UPS means United Parcel Service

UPS is a worldwide operating courier service. Founded in Seattle in 1907, it is the world's oldest courier service. At that time it was known as American Messenger Company, the name UPS arose in 1919 when the company moved to Oakland. The special to UPS is that up to 1999 all shares were owned by the employees, in 1999 this has changed and 10% of the shares are freely negotiable. UPS Parcel Images

UPS means uninterruptable Power Supply

A UPS is a device between an electronic device (often a computer, or a server) and the power supply. In the event of a power outage/power outage, the UPS detects that and then starts supplying power to the device. As a result, the device connected to the UPS will continue to work, even if there is no more power. The UPS has a battery that is charged when there is power, and if there is power outage the battery power will be used. There are different types of UPS systems to obtain (for a short interruption, or for long lasting example. UPS and absorbing power loss

What is a gadget?

A gadget is a thing

A gadget (a thing, Gizmo) is an article that is innovative and often cleverly designed. Often a gadget is a consumer electronics product (but it doesn't have to be). The technology or design is innovative, so a trendsetter likes to buy it. Often a gadget is also purchased as a status symbol. A gadget is especially interesting at the beginning (and even then it is more frequent for the entertainment purchased, and not so much for its functionality), later there are too many people who have it too, and it is not interesting anymore to have (or to show off). A gadget is often purchased online, in a special gadget or gift shop.

What does PSU mean?

PSU comes from the computer world and is there the abbreviation for Power Supply Unit. So it is the power supply of a computer system. It converts the 220v mains voltage into the 12, 5 or 3 volt voltages with which the computer parts work. The power supply is connected to the main board, the hard drive, the DVD drives, video card, processor, ect. External devices (monitor, printer, scanner, etc.) usually do not receive power from the power supply, but they need power through a power outlet. Also soldiers use the abbreviation PSU, in that case one is about a personal standard equipment.

What does USB mean?

USB means Universal Serial Bus

USB is a standard for connecting peripheral devices (mouse, keyboard, scanner, printer, photo camera, etc.) to a computer. USB has come as a replacement for parallel and serial ports. One advantage of USB is that it can take care of the power supply of the connected peripherals, also USB devices can be connected without having to restart the computer (also called hot-pluggable or hot-swappable). By now we have already arrived at version 3 of this standard. Https://