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What does PoE mean?

POE means Power over Ethernet

PoE is a technology to deliver voltage (and data) over a standard twisted pair cable in an Ethernet network. This technique is used to provide network equipment (think of webcams, switches, VoIP phones, etc.) with power. There is a limited power to a network cable, so for large consumers as a computer or server, PoE is not suitable. Using PoE does not require an extra power adapter which is especially useful when the device is in use where there is no electrical outlet nearby. A standard network cable uses 4 of the 8 wires of the cable: PoE uses the other 4 to supply the power. This is done according to a specific protocol, first measuring whether a PoE device is connected and what power is needed. When this is known, the necessary tension will be delivered. Besides the standard Poe (also known as IEEE 802.3 af) There is also a successor, the IEEE 802.3 at (better known as PoE +).

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