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What is Trivia Day?

National Trivia Day is a celebration of trivia on the 4th of January

National Trivia day is the day where people share all kinds of little facts that almost nobody knows. It is mostly celebrated in the US, an Twitter is one of the places where you can follow along and also contribute your own trivia.

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om telolet om

What does Om Telolet Om mean?

Om Telolet Om is Indonesian for “Sir, honk the horn, sir!”

On the 20th December of 2016 DJ Snake (a French DJ) tweeted this phrase which gained 35.000 retweets and 18.000 favorites in only one day. DJ snake also commented in famous people’s Instagram accounts using this phrase. Other famous DJs such as Zedd, Yellow claw, Vinai, Chainsmoker also picked up on this and tweeted the “OM Teolet Om” phrase. Ummet Ozcan and Firebeatz created a short song featuring the “Telolet bus horn sound” remix. The phrase Om Teolet Om became hugely popular on twitter and Instagram was the #1 trending worldwide topic with over 600.000 tweets on 21st December 2016.

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What does trending topic mean?

Trending topic means popular topic

Trending topics are a series of keywords that are most mentioned on Twitter at that time. Trending topics are a way to see where a lot is talked about on Twitter, and each country also has its own trending topics. Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about trending topics outside of Twitter, but the idea remains the same: these are subjects that are often talked about in any way whatsoever. On Twimmer is a nice overview to see what the trending topics are.

What does EOM mean?

EOM means End Of Message

EOM (or better yet (EOM)/<eom>) is used to indicate that the message is not larger.</eom> It is used on Twitter and in MSN and SMS messages, but it can also be used in the e-mail. If you put EOM in the subject of an e-mail message, the recipient knows that the rest of the message does not need to be read. So it is useful for small messages.

What is sexting?

Sexting is sending hot text messages

The word "sexting" originated in the time when sending SMS messages started to come up, but nowadays it is also used when people post messages on Twitter or Facebook. Sexting therefore comes from SMS, but is increasingly widely drawn. It is still about messages with evocative texts, pictures in hot poses, etc. Read More

What does Failwhale mean?

Failwhale is the Twitter error page

Twitter was regularly offline in the past by a too large amount of users who would like to use the service at the same time. The page you saw then was a whale that was lifted by birds from the water: This is the Failwhale. Meanwhile, many improvements have been made to the platform, but it still occurs that the servers are out (especially during upgrades or major events). The Failwhale has become a household name and is also often used if another site doesn't do it anymore. Failwhale images from Flickr

What does Hashtag mean?

Hashtag is a identifier

A hashtag is a way to catagoriseren messages on Twitter. Much is used at events/conferences to make all messages about an event easy to find. This is also frequently used in news items (#schipholcrash). A hashtag is a hash (#) with the tag behind it. It descends from IRC where you can access a certain channel with a #. The hashtag is already very well established in everyday life and is used everywhere. Read More

What is Twitter?

Twitter is online chat in 140 characters

Twitter is a service/website that works a bit like MSN Messenger and SMS. You can say in 140 characters what you are doing at the moment, are reading, or are planning to go. So far it looks like SMS. All the people who follow you (in your friends list) see that message, and Kunen may respond to it (this is the comparison with MSN Messenger). You can enter these messages on the website, but there are also a lot of other tools that you can use to customize your status (Windows/Linux/Mac/Mobile/etc.). Read More