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What does Hashtag mean?

Hashtag is a identifier

A hashtag is a way to catagoriseren messages on Twitter. Much is used at events/conferences to make all messages about an event easy to find. This is also frequently used in news items (#schipholcrash). A hashtag is a hash (#) with the tag behind it. It descends from IRC where you can access a certain channel with a #. The hashtag is already very well established in everyday life and is used everywhere. For television programmes or football matches, it is often used to talk to each other about what is to be seen. Examples of hashtags:

  • The world is running through-#dwdd
  • Nova-#nova
  • House-#house
  • Ajax-Feyenoord: #ajafey
  • Netherlands-England-#nedeng

Etc. Https://

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