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What is a braiding machine?

A braiding machine is what you expect it to be: a machine that does the braiding for you. Most of us have learned braiding in school or learned it while having kids with long hair, or for example on horses or other animals with long hair.

When we speak of braiding machines, we usually refer to machines that are used by contractors or factories where a lot of industrial breading is done. If you are working semi-daily with drawstrings or tie wraps it might be a wise idea to start looking for a braiding machine.

A braiding machine will pay for itself in a couple of days of use: with a lot of machines you only need one hand to tie a pipe to a net. This means you save at least one person at work while you also save time on the work time for the one using the braiding machine. Another advantage is the quality of braiding, it is well worth the investment of the braiding machine.

You can check out the website of Vlechttechniek Nederland to see what different brands of braiding machines there are, or even make an appointment to see it all in action.

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