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Client Retention: Boosting Patient Loyalty in Your Dental Practice

No matter the size of your dental practice, you’ll likely spend a lot of time figuring out how to bring in new patients. Growing your patient roster means increased profit, which is excellent for your business.

But have you ever thought about maintaining relationships with your current patients?

Why Pay Attention to Your Existing Clients

In any business and healthcare practice, marketing to retain current patients is easier, cheaper, and more profitable. Existing patients are more likely to come back after an excellent service since they are familiar with your services and have already been exposed to your brand.

Companies also spend less to retain a customer than acquire a new one. By providing excellent service and engaging with clients, they are more likely to come back to your clinic instead of choosing other practices. They can even refer your practice to others.

Tips for Effective Client Retention

To keep patients coming back to your clinic, follow these tips:

Provide Outstanding Service

The success of your practice is directly related to the satisfaction of your clients. Give them a seamless experience, and they’re more likely to book their next appointment at your clinic.

You can provide excellent service by:

  • Providing all-day appointment booking service
  • Reducing their time in the waiting room
  • Free Wi-Fi in the waiting room
  • Adjusting their office hours at their available schedule
  • Training employees for excellent customer service

Give Patients the Information They Need

A professional website gives clients the information they need – your clinic hours, list of services, and your roster of oral surgeons. Apply digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization to improve your online visibility, making it easier for patients to find you when they search for your services online.

Beyond SEO, your website should include strong educational intent that shows your expertise. Include pages that address commonly asked questions. Regularly update your blogs and link them to social media.

Build Relationships with Your Clients

Paying attention to patients shows that you care about them. Once it’s your time to see a patient, give them their undivided attention. Listen to their concerns and be honest about costs and treatment plans. Be sure to offer them options so they can have control over their treatment.

Listen to your patients’ grievances about your services as well. Give them enough opportunities to let them know about the gaps in your services – through online reviews, social media, or email.

Keep in Touch With Your Clients

Communication with the patient should not end outside the office. A simple phone call or text message asking how a patient is feeling after treatment can go a long way to earning their loyalty. Show that you care by sending them greetings on their birthdays and the holidays.

When you think of growing your practice, you may think of bringing more patients. By focusing on patient loyalty, you can improve your bottom line and make the most out of your promotional efforts.

It goes without saying that your patients will come back to your practice when they’re satisfied with their experience. Keep meeting and exceeding your clients’ expectations, and they’ll book their next appointment at your clinic.

Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash

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