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Earnut is a relatively new player in the ‘earn while you do stuff’ genre. With you can play games, fill in surveys and earn money while you do it. Payout starts with 20 cents (so you do not have to wait months to get to the minimal payout and there are several payout methods (amazon gift card, PayPal, cryptocurrency, etc)

Earnut functions as platforms that connect users with advertisers and help the users getting paid by advertisers for their time and effort while reviewing their products. Users are rewarded for their time and participation in surveys (it can be food or travel related questions for example), and for providing useful insight about their products to the advertisers. Earnut offers a range of tasks paying from a few cents up to hundreds dollars, from watching short video clips and advertisements to downloading applications and playing games. The ease of these activities makes Earnut accessible to a wide audience, from young adults for games to older users for the subscriptions based apps but Earnut is always the best option for those seeking a flexible and convenient way to earn extra income.

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