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What is cine tree?

Cine Tree is a VOD service

Cine Tree is an online platform that lets movies and documentaries on demand. The films are sorted out by curators are selected on important themes, or stories that touch. The profit from the subscriptions is used on Dutch films and supporting documentaries. For six euros a month, each month, members receive 10 films that are selected and initiated by one of the (known) curators. All the curators of cine tree are self-makers, actors or experts who are active in the film world. Read More

What does IGTV mean?

IGTV means Insta gram Television

IGTV is actually an app of Insta that makes it possible to watch videos of 60 minutes. So it’s actually a kind of YouTube from the creators of Insta gram. You can also view the IGTV content via the normal Insta app. At the beginning there will be no ads to be seen within IGTV, this because there must first be a love for the platform, and then scare ads off soon of course. How that will be in the future is unclear, but the creators of the video will still want to be paid for their effort, so somewhere money will have to come today. Because everything is meant to be viewed on your phone, and because you usually have it in your hand, the videos will all be vertical (see also VVS). When you open the app, it immediately starts playing videos. And the video content is of course tuned to your Insta activity: So who you’re following or what type of content you’ve given the most hearts. Read More

What is Eddystone?

Eddystone is a beacon standard

Eddystone is Google's response to Apple's iBeacons. A big difference with iBeacons is that the code of Eddystone is open Source: This means that it can be deployed on multiple platforms. Eddystone is a platform that allows devices with BLE to communicate with each other. Google itself does not want to create hardware, but it does indicate that it sees possibilities: for example, in Google Maps to show real-time messages in case of a delay. Beaco Read More

What does SMP mean?

SMP means Social Marketing Platform

The SMP will inspire marketers within the DDMA to use social media optimally. Knowledge and cases will be distributed within the SMP, and a code of conduct will be established. The social media Professionals Association originated in 2008 and wanted to become a point of contact for social media & marketing. This is possible with the integration within the DDMA and the development of the SMP.

What does Failwhale mean?

Failwhale is the Twitter error page

Twitter was regularly offline in the past by a too large amount of users who would like to use the service at the same time. The page you saw then was a whale that was lifted by birds from the water: This is the Failwhale. Meanwhile, many improvements have been made to the platform, but it still occurs that the servers are out (especially during upgrades or major events). The Failwhale has become a household name and is also often used if another site doesn't do it anymore. Failwhale images from Flickr

What does WWW mean?

WWW means World Wide Web

In Dutch It is also called "Global Web". The WWW is a network of all kinds of information (text, image, video) created from the standard of the Internet, HTML. The WWW was developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991, then in the service of CERN in Geneva. The aim was to facilitate the exchange of information between scientists. Because it concerned many international people, one could not assume a standard computer, so the WWW has been independent from the outset. Read More