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What does XBMC mean?

Does XBMC mean XBox Media Center

The abbreviation has another link to the Xbox, but by now it is an open source media player and Media Center that is present on different platforms. With XBMC, you can easily play music, photos and movies from one place. Because it doesn't run in a window by default, you have the entire screen at your disposal and you make a desktop a multimedia center for the living room. The problem with movie playback is often that you don't have the right codecs at your disposal, with XBMC you have all the codecs at your disposal and you can play everything, so many exotic formats are not a problem. XBMC can also be extended with several plug-ins: for example, to automatically search for subtitles in movies, or to play uitzendinggemist via XBMC. On You can download the software. XBMC Tutorial [YouTube] FXS933EECQU [/youtube]

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