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What is a Lily Camera?

The Lily Camera is a self-drone

The people behind the Lily camera call it deliberately no drone, it is a flying camera. The goal of the thing is to follow the owner and film, the main task is to create video or photo material. The Lily camera is a quadcopter and will float in the air. With a special bracelet, Lily will follow you and stay at the same distance, even if you move. Read More

What does Fotobom mean?

Fotobom means ruining photos

Fotobom is the Dutch word for the English photobombs (ing). Due to the emergence of the smartphones, more and more pictures are coming and more people are taking pictures of themselves (selfies) but also a lot of posing for the photo. People who deliberately disrupt that kind of posed photos (by jumping in the picture at the right time) are at the photo bombs. Read More

What is The Cloud?

The Cloud is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the most common name, often colloquially called the cloud. The Cloud has been brought to the attention of most people by the new works. The Cloud makes it possible for several people to work at home or on the go, no matter where a person is physically located. This is because many documents (and often also software) are available online somewhere, and no longer on the internal network at the company. Read More