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What is a Lily Camera?

The Lily Camera is a self-drone

The people behind the Lily camera call it deliberately no drone, it is a flying camera. The goal of the thing is to follow the owner and film, the main task is to create video or photo material. The Lily camera is a quadcopter and will float in the air. With a special bracelet, Lily will follow you and stay at the same distance, even if you move. By using facial recognition, the camera can ensure that you always keep an optimal picture. Because it is not a drone, the control is limited: closer, distant, counterclockwise or clockwise. The camera will also make sure that you are always in the picture, hence: self-drone. Initially, the Lily is meant for the active man (mountain biking, surfing, etc.). The use is simple: Throw the Lily in the air and start working. One expects to be able to deliver in February 2016, more information can be found on the Lily Camera. [YouTube] 4vGcH0Bk3hg [/youtube]

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