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What is Eddystone?

Eddystone is a beacon standard

Eddystone is Google's response to Apple's iBeacons. A big difference with iBeacons is that the code of Eddystone is open Source: This means that it can be deployed on multiple platforms. Eddystone is a platform that allows devices with BLE to communicate with each other. Google itself does not want to create hardware, but it does indicate that it sees possibilities: for example, in Google Maps to show real-time messages in case of a delay. Beacons according to the Eddystone standard offer 3 possibilities:

  • Support of Proximity service (passing on location-specific information).
  • Support of Ephemeral Indentifiers (EID) which makes it possible to find objects quickly (baggage at the airport).
  • Sending a URL.

Here is the source code to find from Eddystone. [YouTube] JSDnf4In6QI [/youtube]

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