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What does Lidar mean?

LIDAR means LIght Detection And ranging

Lidar is a technology that determines the distance to an object through the use of laser pulses (that is why Lidar is also written out as laser Imaging Detection And ranging). The technology resembles the radar technology, radar uses radio waves, and Lidar uses light. The distance is determined by measuring the time elapsed between the transmitting of the pulse and the capture of the reflection of this. Read More

What is a Lily Camera?

The Lily Camera is a self-drone

The people behind the Lily camera call it deliberately no drone, it is a flying camera. The goal of the thing is to follow the owner and film, the main task is to create video or photo material. The Lily camera is a quadcopter and will float in the air. With a special bracelet, Lily will follow you and stay at the same distance, even if you move. Read More

What does NFC mean?

NFC means Near Field Communication

NFC is a wireless technology that should enable electronics to communicate with each other. This happens on a radio frequency that allows mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. Can communicate with each other over a distance of approximately 20 cm (at a rate of 212 kilobits per second). Both Philips and Sony also have smart cards with microprocessor that are intended for storing identification data or financiëe information. Read More