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What does Bluetooth mean?

Bluetooth is an open standard for wireless connections

With Bluetooth technology it is possible to transmit wireless data with (mobile) devices at a maximum speed of 1 Mb per second and over a distance of up to 10 meters. Bluetooth is often used in headsets so your phone can stay in your pocket and still be able to call. Bluetooth is also widely used in the car to be able to call wirelessly. Nowadays, there are also more and more loudspeakers Bluetooth to play the music. The name Bluetooth comes from an old Scandinavian story in which the king managed to bring together several tribes to 1 people. This king had the nickname: Blaetand. When you have two devices connected to each other via Bluetooth, these devices can be sent by that they shoot data over 79 frequencies back and forth at a frantic pace. Https://

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