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Making the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing Talents

Finding a digital marketing agency in Melbourne is not incredibly difficult, but making the most out of your contract with them highly depends on your ability to understand their work and their value to a certain extent. You may not need to know all the nuts and bolts of digital marketing, but working knowledge will help you make sure that you get value for money for the services you are engaging for.

The marketing technology landscape report of 2019 boasts of 7,040 tools. It steadily increased from its humble number of 150 in 2011. This is how big the digital marketing technology industry has gotten since the boom of e-commerce and online businesses. (Note: you can view and save the copy of the Martech 2019 7,040 icon infographic by clicking here.) And this is the level of clutter that you have to deal with when it comes to available tools for various functions.

Do an Inventory of Your Digital Assets in Your Yard

Before you get a team on board, make sure you are not reinventing the wheel. Do an inventory of your assets. What social media pages do you have that need the work-up? Where are your target customers? What has been the protocol or method for reaching out to customers digitally before their involvement? What data is available now for historical and ongoing transactions?

Sure, the digital marketing agency will package some of the answers in their consultancy, but doing your due diligence is incredibly helpful in making sure that the digital marketing specialists are not working blindly or redoing things that have already been done previously by another team in your company.

Clarify Scope and Milestones in Detail on the Contract of Services

To help you make the most out of your contract, make sure that you have the scope of work and milestones clearly outlined on the contract of services with the digital marketing agency provider. This way, you have formal documentation that involves all the work. When assigning tasks, always make sure there is a documentation or trail via email that you can refer back to in case you are looking for specific outputs from the agency.

Seek Training or Additional Knowledge on Recommended Tools to be Used

The digital marketing talents have their weaponry or tools of choice. Try to get to know some of these tools and operate them at a level of basic ability. This way, when something happens, you can take over and maintain ownership of your data and customer behavior profiling.

Determine Measurable Success Indicators of Campaigns and ROI

A digital marketing transformation remains a buzzword unless it tilts tangible things: actual sales or revenue, reduction of churn rate from existing customers, and the ability to predict the maximization of profit from typical customer behavior. Some micro-actions can measure this success and make sure you know how these are measured and how frequently they will be checked to see if the digital marketing efforts are making any difference to your sales. If you don’t do this, you’re just basically throwing money on a bottomless well.

Meet Halfway with Company Data Access, Approval Process, and Policies

Make sure that you have a good non-disclosure agreement to protect your customers and your business data with the agency. You also have to meet them halfway and make this discussion regarding data access so that the timelines constructed are more realistic than theoretical.


Your digital marketing agency of choice can help you cut through the clutter of marketing technology tools and catapult your business to success. The work is a collaborative effort, and your contributions to assisting them to work dynamically for your brand’s success is just as crucial as the technical skills that they bring to the table.

Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

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