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Renovation and Remodeling: Making Money Out of Your Property

Renovations and remodeling don’t just enhance the aesthetics of your home, but also help increase its resale value. Not only that, but a visually appealing property is also a lot easier to sell than a generic-looking or run-down house. If you’re planning to do some home improvement projects, here are several recommendations that are guaranteed to elevate the monetary value of your home.

Professional Landscaping

Alex Niemiera of Turf Magazine reports that based on data acquired from research conducted in South Carolina, a landscape renovation improvement can boost a property’s value by an estimated 10 to 12%. An upgraded landscape is also a compelling element that attracts buyers, or if you’re planning to rent it out, short-term vacationers.

Many companies and individual landscape artists offer a comprehensive range of services which include planning, designing, installation, and maintenance care. Accordingly, if you plan on turning your home into a rental property to generate passive income, it’s best to skip on residential landscaping and opt for a commercial landscaping service instead.This is because residential landscaping is typically performed in a small-scale approach. If you want a full-blown remodeling and not just a minor renovation of your curb or patio, hire a commercial service for the installations. From here, you can take over on the maintenance to cut down costs.

Getting Started

There are many reputable residential and commercial landscaping services in Greensboro, Durham, and Raleigh, so if you live in North Carolina, be sure to start your search in these locations.

Before doing a renovation or remodeling project, it’s advised that you consult a registered realtor. Having professional guidance allows you to choose projects that are suitable for your property. Lastly, it’s important to check legal policies in your state that apply to construction and zoning so you can secure permits as needed.

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

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