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What is MNLK?

MNLK is a Dutch website about everything that is typically for males to enjoy. It provides articles about different subjects that most males will like and enjoy: sports, cars, luxury, etc.

The site is divided in several categories for easy navigation: there is a section about Body&Lifestyle for all your exercises and tips to stay in shape. Within the Business&Luxury section you will find things to dream about (at least for most people, for some people it might be real).

The Cars&Tech section will give you news and updates about these typical male subjects: cars and new gadgets. Drinks&Food is somewhat a child of the lifestyle category because it mostly contains tips on what to eat to stay in shape and healthy. Mind&Soul is something you mostly find more on female based sites but it stays in touch with your mind and soul. Tips on how to prevent or deal with a burnout can be found here.

And the last category is the Travel section with tips on how to relax and spend some days in a different settings.

Although it is based on the male stereotype, it does not mean it is only for males: everybody can enjoy their content.

Check out the MNLK website or start with the Instagram feed to get a feeling of the content.

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