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What is Gangnam Style?

Gangnam style is a hit from 2012

Gangnam Style beats the district in Seoul where people are trendy and hip. People from the district themselves are not talking about the Gangnam Style, especially the wannabe people who are talking about the Gangnam Style. The song is very contagious and has come to pass in several popular talk shows, several parodies have been made and has been nominated for best Video for the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards. Gangnam Style is by Guinness World Records recognizes as the most liked video in the YouTube history. The Gangnamstijl (nominated for Word of the year 2012) is the dance style in which one imitates a rider and bounces with the whole body on the music. Gangnam Style-PSY Music video [YouTube] 9bZkp7q19f0 [/youtube]

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