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What is marketing?

Traditional Marketing: The Timeless Strategies

In today’s digital age, numerous enterprises utilize Internet-based solutions for almost every marketing need. But, while it’s true that the new media is indeed highly effective in boosting business communication strategies, traditional means of advertising also yield promising results.

Let’s start by identifying which advertising tactics are considered traditional. These methods entail delivering messages to the audience using conventional channels of paid mass media such as out-of-home, broadcast, and print.If you’re looking for efficient ways to advertise your company, here are some traditional methods that can produce real results in increasing sales and brand awareness:

Word-of-mouth Marketing

Due to the emergence of social media, it’s easy to look up rankings, ratings, and customer reviews of almost every business. Despite this, it’s still more reassuring to get advice or referrals from friends, family members, and colleagues. In fact, the USA Today Classifieds Blog shares that approximately 80% of consumers in the U.S. trust recommendations from people who they actually know or are acquainted to.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to sustain good relationships with your customers. You can also boost their loyalty by offering freebies or branded merchandise to your regulars. When they use these branded items, they can act as ambassadors of your brand. Giving out discount coupons is also effective in drawing in more customers since it’s likely for them to invite loved ones over. Also, hand a business card to all of your customers so they can provide your contact info to other interested individuals.

Public Relations

A PR firm can help your business create and maximize opportunities for acquiring free media exposure. Primarily, the PR process revolves around building good relationships with media people and journalists in order to convey key messages to the public. In turn, this improves people’s awareness of your brand, as well as solidifies your connection with your consumers and partners.

PR is more of a long-term approach than a direct response strategy because instead of focusing on raising sales, it centralizes on maintaining a pleasant public image. Thus, it helps a business achieve growth and stability at a steady pace.

Outdoor Signs and Store Displays

The Founder’s Guide affirms that it’s still vital for businesses to set up signage. Having vinyl banners, digital displays, and posters in front of company buildings can serve as a guide or locator for customers. If you’re operating in a highly competitive location, such as Tokyo, Singapore, or the main cities in the Philippines, signage is even more indispensable. This is because structures in urban settings are often similar in appearance, and there are rows of stores and outlets that require distinguishing trademarks.

Putting uptarpaulins from manufacturers in Manila also increases brand recognition since passersby and drivers who often traverse your area are continuously exposed to your passive ads. Thus, when they are in need of services or products in your line of industry, they are likely to recall your business.

Needless to say, innovative solutions are extremely helpful in bolstering a company’s growth and profitability. However, this doesn’t mean that conventional methods are already irrelevant and obsolete. It’s best to utilize both traditional and digital marketing strategies so you can maximize the outcomes of your communication plans.

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