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Garage Door and Style Options for a Contemporary House

If you’re committed to sticking to contemporary design elements for your house, then the material you choose for the exterior should also exhibit an ultramodern appeal. Your garage door, for example, is something that will be a huge part of the facade, so it has to contribute to the overall exterior charm.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be deluged with a long list of materials and styles to choose from. But even with a few options, you’d be surprised how each of them works beautifully with a contemporary themed-home so that you’d never feel like you’re limited. Garage doors and repair services are available around Utah and other states. But it would help to already have in idea what kind of door you’d like to have before contacting any shop.

Material Options

1. Steel

This is the go-to option for many, with its reasonable price, durability, and availability in various styles and finishes. When looking for a steel door, select ones that have insulation features to reduce noise and energy costs.

Low-cost steel has thin panels, which may not be good if you have children playing in your front yard, for example. The door may suffer a dent from impact, so consider midlevel doors or those with 25- or 26-gauge steel. Take note that the lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel is. There are also steel door types that are only thick on the exposed side, so you may also consider those if you’re uncomfortable with doors that are too thick.

2. Aluminum

This is known for its superior longevity. The material is more lightweight than steel, so it’s likely to dent from impact. It also has many similarities with steel, including its wide range of available styles and finishes. If your budget is tight, you can choose this over steel because aluminum is more affordable.

3. Wood

Although commonly used in traditional-style homes, wood still maintains its superb appeal even in various modern homes. It’s also available in many different styles, so you may find one suitable for your contemporary home. Mind, however, that wood is pricey and high-maintenance.

Style Options

1. Raised-panel

If you’d rather stick to the standard, then raised-panel style may be your first choice. In a modern or contemporary version, the door panels are usually solid and are simply molded to mimic the classic raised-panel style.

2. Carriage Doors

Although they resemble doors on old carriage houses, this style still surprisingly fits contemporary homes. You can have it automated to combine traditional and contemporary elements.

3. Contemporary Slab Doors

The name already says enough on why these doors are included on the list. A popular variety of this style is one with tempered glass panels encased in aluminum frames. It perfectly harmonizes with an architecture full of clean lines and high-tech materials.

Slab doors are another popular choice among contemporary homeowners. It opens by folding up in a single panel rather than as three or four individual panels that fold on their hinges as the door opens upward. Slab doors require automation to open and close, making it an ideal garage door style for contemporary homes.

With all of these materials and styles discussed, you’ve surely understood how you can still have a diverse set of options despite the shortlist. It makes your selection process much easier and faster because you’re not likely to be overwhelmed. Remember that in a contemporary home, simple and plain designs are favored, as long as they’re high-quality and exhibiting elegance.

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