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Layover and Comfort: The Things You Should Consider

A factor for anxiety in many travelers is the layover, especially those with shorter periods. Some layovers, though, are a way for you to stretch and enjoy a few hours before your next flight. Treat your layover as a chance to find a quiet spot to enjoy a latte. Below are some things you can do during a layover:

The Insider mentioned how exhausting air travel is. You would see many travelers trying to sleep on hard surfaces at the airport. But why go through that when you can stay in a comfortable place instead? You can lie down for a couple of hours, take a nap, and take a shower. If you’ll be in Singapore for a layover, for instance, you should check out the Changi Airport Hotel.

Some airports have gyms and other fitness facilities. Check these out if you’re a fitness geek or you just need to sweat a little. You can also try walking around. Most airports have different restaurants and shops inside. It’s a great way to find souvenirs from a particular place if you aren’t stepping out of the airport. Take this chance to buy a favorite designer item.

Staying longer is another option you need to look at. Some layovers can be 12- to 24-hours long, which is enough for a short day tour. You can use this time to stroll around places near the airport. Research about this option before your flight so you know what the requirements are. Set enough time when going back since you’ll be falling in line again for checks.

You can also make a stopover, which is more than one day. You’ll need supporting documents for that as well. Stopovers and long layovers allow you to see another place, though your travel will become more expensive.

Have you ever experienced a 45-minute layover? Some airlines offer short timeframes, and they have data to back that up. Some would go for that, but the most organized people would likely say no. Connecting flights with this kind of timeframe are stressful. If you think you’ll get anxious, choose a longer one.

The standard time for layovers is two hours. This is the best time because it allows you to take a breather. It gives you enough time to go to the restroom, order coffee, and eat a full meal. Likely, you won’t run towards the gates since you have enough time on your hands.

Three-hour layovers are suitable for PWDs and those with special needs. It’s perfect for seniors, too. They can do whatever they need to do at their own pace, without both of you worrying about the time. It’s a good way for them to walk around and stretch as well.

Turning Your Layover a Better Experience

Layovers shouldn’t be dreadful. A safe and stress-free flight is a must whether you’re a pleasure or a business traveler. Consider your choices during connecting flights and decide from there. Always choose what is good for you when you travel.

Photo by Jana Sabeth on Unsplash

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