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Five Things to Do Before Going on Your First Camping Trip

Do you have plans to go on a camping trip with family and friends? Or maybe you have decided to sign up and camp with strangers just to challenge yourself? If it’s your first time to go camping, it pays to make the necessary preparations to ensure your safety and survival.

It is true that camping with experienced campers is an excellent way to make sure that you can survive your camping trip. However, there is more to camping than putting up a fire and pitching a tent. Want to make sure that you’re ready for your outdoor adventure?

Know what to pack and how to pack smart

When it comes to camping, the best clothes to bring are sports clothes. They dry quickly and are designed to wick moisture away from your body. Pack a pair of extra clothes that you can use in case of hot and cold weather. Choose a double-skinned tent and a sleeping bag made for cold weather. Bring along lights and batteries, a lighter, plastic bags for your wet clothes, wet wipes, a water canister, sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellant, and packed food and water.

Never forget your camping survival tools

It doesn’t matter if you’re camping in an area considered generally safe for newbie campers. You don’t want to take the chance by being too confident that nothing can go wrong. So make sure to bring along a first aid kit, a camping knife, and a compass or map. Don’t forget about your paracord supplies. These babies can be your lifesaver when camping catastrophe strikes. What survival tools you need to bring will depend on your chosen place for camping.

Try out your camping equipment before leaving

Thinking about buying your camping essentials is enough? Then think again. As a newbie camper, you should learn how to pitch your tent and try if your new light or lantern is working or if any of your equipment has no damage. Try out your camping equipment a few days before the trip. This way, you can make a quick stop to the store if any is damaged or needs a replacement.

Do your research

Knowing the weather condition on your camping date will make it easier for you to enjoy a better camping experience. Check your camping location if you need to book a reservation or not. In most campsites, there are peak seasons, which means that certain months can be fully booked. Know the best routes and the camping guidelines and create a backup plan in case all things fail.

Let a loved one know of your camping plans

Since you’re leaving your home for some time, make sure to inform a loved one of your plans. Tell them your camping dates, where you will camp as well as the routes you will take. In case something terrible happens, your loved ones will find it easier to track you down. Also, use this opportunity to ask them to look after your home while you’re away.

Camping offers several benefits. You get to do a digital detox, be closer to nature, and de-stress. You get to bond with family and friends and even meet other campers along the way. You can learn many outdoor skills and explore a new environment. With all the perks that you can enjoy from camping, there is no reason not to take that camping trip you’ve been planning for so long. Keep this list in mind and increase your chances of surviving and enjoying your trip.

Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash

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