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3 Ways to Create a Healthier Burger

Hamburgers are a classic favourite dish. Although they are synonymous with Western culture, they can be found in restaurants and food stalls all over the world. In fact, many burger restaurants are popular in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia. Some of them are franchises from both local and overseas, while others are your regular startups who have their own unique recipes.

Despite the popularity of burgers, they unfortunately have a reputation of being not the healthiest dish around. The use of processed ingredients, deep-frying techniques, and a huge amount of fats and oils make this food something to be avoided by those who seek to have healthier eating habits and lead healthier lives.

This does not mean that burgers are irredeemable, though. You can still go to your favourite burger place as often as you want, but it would be better to choose one that offers healthy options as well. There are many ways to prepare a burger that does not include consuming an excessive amount of calories and trans fats. If you are stuck at home and no food delivery is available, however, here is how you can make that healthy burger yourself:

Use a lean patty

The beef used in burger patties is typically mixed in with a good amount of fat to make it juicier and less dry. This makes it more unhealthy to eat and can add to your calorie and fat intake.One good option is to choose leaner meat that is more fat-free. You may instead opt to mix the beef with healthier ingredients such as herbs, mushrooms, or onions to cut the fat without compromising the flavour. An even better option is to opt for a different patty base altogether. Chicken or turkey is much leaner and less fatty compared with beef. Another great alternative is to ditch the meat altogether and make a veggie patty instead. This is a much healthier option and can help you get some essential nutrients into your diet as well.

Opt for healthier buns

The buns used in burgers can be a major source of calories. If you are consuming more calories than you can burn, the excess energy will be stored as fat, thus adding to the fat deposits in your body. It is always best to limit the calories you consume, and one way to do so is to be more meticulous of what you use in your burger. There are many low-calorie alternatives to white bread that you could try. Some even choose to take the extra step and eliminate the bun altogether and just use sturdy greens, mushrooms, or other vegetables to envelop the other ingredients. This is one way to greatly reduce the number of calories you eat every day.

Add healthy toppings

Hit two birds with one stone and make your burger both healthier and more flavorful by adding a variety of healthy vegetables as toppings. There are many options to choose from, including beans, avocado, grilled vegetables, and even a little bit of cheese. You can also opt to use healthier alternatives when it comes to the sauces. For example, rather than using ketchup and mayonnaise, which are infused with a good amount of sugar and fat, try adding some salsa or guacamole. You could even create your own special sauce mix for the burger to truly bring out its flavours.

It is not always true that whatever is healthy is not tasty. Indeed, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a burger without adding to the amount of carbohydrates and fat in your body. All it takes is some creativity and a mind that is open to new taste.

Afbeelding van Theo Crazzolara via Pixabay

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