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What does APK mean?

APK means general periodic inspection

The APK is an inspection that demands the state of vehicles. The RDW sets the rules in the Netherlands to which your car must meet. An MOT inspection approves your car on the main points: a rust spot on the hood is not a problem, but tyres with little to no profile is a problem and will result in a disapproval. New gasoline cars must be approved for the first time 4 years after the first use. The next 2 times is every 2 years, and thereafter it is time each year for a new MOT inspection. For diesel or LPG, slightly different rules apply: After 3 years the 1st time, and thereafter every year. Exceptions are cars that are over 30 years of age. A car without a valid MOT inspection must not be used (only for the shortest ride to an MOT inspection company. Driving without a valid APK inspection can lead to a trick (from the RDW or the police). You run the risk of not being insured.

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