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What does BMI mean?

BMI means Body Mass Index

Your BMI is a number to determine if you are too heavy (overweight) or perhaps too light (underweight). The BMI is also called the Quetelet Index. The BMI is quite easy to calculate: your weight in pounds you share by the square of your length (length x length). If you are 1.76 meters long, and 80 pounds weighs your BMI: 26 (rounded). This is actually just on the border. Broadly speaking, there are these main groups:

18.5-24.9Normal weightAverage risk
25-29.9OverweightIncreased risk
> 30Obesitygreatly increased

If you score below 18.5 does not mean that you are safe, you have a greater chance of other conditions. Important to know is that the BMI is for adults, and not for children. Furthermore, there is not too much value to be attached, borderline cases are generally questionable, and other issues may also be involved.

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