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What does BBQ mean?

BBQ means barbecue

That is strange, because you would expect BBC. But because it is pronounced with Q, the abbreviation has become BBQ. A barbecue is an object on which one can prepare foods (usually meat) by roasting them (often also called grilling). As soon as the first rays of the sun pass by, most people get BBQ-jitters and invite friends to go barbecuing together. There are three main types of BBQs:

  • Charcoal BBQ
    Hierbij becomes charcoal (briquettes) heated. Often it is also used to make the fire a good start. After half an hour the grill and the BBQ are warm enough to use.
  • Electric BB
    QEen Electric Barbecue is in to few minutes warm enough to use. The disadvantage is that the BBQ consumes a lot of power, the advantage is that the food can be prepared quickly by the constant warmth.
  • Gas BB
    QDe Gas Barbecue You turn on by connecting the gas cylinder and then pressing the ignition button. Within a few minutes the BBQ is ready for use. The big advantage of the gas barbecue is that fat is collected from the slots of the lattice in a reservoir.

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